Virus Removal

  • Scan for viruses and spyware
  • Review your anti-virus protection status
  • Clean out unnecessary start up programs to speed up your computer
  • Stop pop-ups and repair errors caused by malware

If your PC or Mac is running slow, it could be because there are viruses or other types of malware lurking inside your system. These malicious programs can steal your passwords, crash your computer and internet, or simply cause advertisements to pop up while you’re browsing the web. Even if you already have an anti-virus program installed it is still very possible for you to become infected. Even if we don’t find any virus or malware, there are usually unneeded programs installed on your machine that you probably didn’t even realize were there and they can slow down your computer by constantly running in the background while you try to use your computer. So call our certified technicians today to schedule an appointment in your home or just drop by our office with your computer anytime to let us get started cleaning out and speeding up your computer.

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