Internet Security Solutions

Safeguards for  Data,

Network and Business Integrity.

Computer Mechanics’ security practice enables businesses to mitigate the risk to corporate resources and data. Computer Mechanics balances your business needs with security technology. We enable you to make knowledgeable decisions regarding the protection of your valuable resources and reputation. Our security practice service provides secure enterprise connectivity solutions and includes solutions outlined below:

Security policies, standards and guidelines
Computer Mechanics will assess the level of risk to your networks. Based on the results of our documented assessment we will apply rules and standards for the security techniques and programs to be deployed.

Remote access VPNs
Computer Mechanics will assess your requirements and design VPNs to securely connect users to specific computing resources.
Web access controls
Computer Mechanics will create centrally administered tools and policies to control access to Web servers.
Security event management
Computer Mechanics will analyze and document attempted intrusions to your firm and use this information to improve your security.

Public key infrastructures
Computer Mechanics will design, administer and manage the cryptographic keys and identification certificates used to identify users, applications and network devices.

In an increasingly inter-connected world, protecting the critical information that powers your business is becoming more and more difficult. Understanding where your systems are vulnerable and how to protect them can be overwhelming. Few IT departments have the time and resources to maintain security while staying focused on building their core business. The cost of selecting and integrating the right combination of hardware and software, meeting specialized staff requirements and managing these solutions in-house can strain any IT budget. This leads to weaker defenses, an increased likelihood of attacks on your network and loss of valuable data-not to mention an overworked IT staff. Security shouldn’t suffer.

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