Maintenance Plus Program

Computer Mechanics’ cutting edge Security Surveillance Solution. IP Video Surveillance Solutions are ideal for organizations looking for a better way to ensure reliable and cost-effective surveillance of facilities, employees, customers and assets.

Based on the latest technology for recording and monitoring video across IP networks, our applications eliminate the need for home run co-axial cabling, hardware matrixes, and switches to provide customers with an extremely powerfully and scalable surveillance system.

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing CCTV cameras, access control and third-party transaction systems such as automated teller machines and point-of-sale systems. Because they are totally IP network based they provide instant and easy access to real-time and archived video footage from any client location whether via the network or the internet.

We offer the most comprehensive IP video surveillance and control management solution. Our clients are able to choose best-of-breed components; combined in any configuration for any size application, enabling all users to realize significant productivity and performance improvements.

With core competencies rooted in both the IT and professional security markets, Our IP solutions deliver substantial value of thousands of installations globally, public safety, government, enterpirse, industrial and educational settings.

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